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The links on this page will give you lots to consider and share with your team


Your video recording is winging it's way to you

We are sending the recording of our live discussion to you.

Look out for an email with a Zoom or Google Meet link and password. 


You can use this to refresh yourself on some of the key points mentioned and share with staff in your schools to consider ideas of what is possible in your schools.


'Use Case' comics

We work with hundreds of schools and it is the same 4 problems everyone needs to address.


The comics here focus on those 4 areas and are based on the real experiences of Guide clients.


The before and after of each scenario gives you an idea of what changes are possible and how, together with your staff, transform your school.

1. Improving delivery & efficacy of inset & after school training

3. Improving staff onboarding, personalisation & career pathways

2. Improving the impact & efficiency of remote observation

4. Allowing heads & leaders to create and share their

vision instantly

Follow-up meetings

Schools and MATs do not work in silos. Every CEO and head knows it is essential to get an understanding of the possible needs and applications from all leaders involved.


While the system and features are fresh in your mind, book a follow-up meeting with more of your school leadership team to analyse different angles. We are happy to join as an AOB for 20 minutes on the back of your regular SLT meeting.

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Professor John Hattie on 

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"These are exciting times bringing together research from Visible Learning, the advances in AI and technology, and the importance of immediate feedback to enhance the impact on students.

Guide Connect brings these together in powerful ways to develop skills in becoming a teacher.  By focusing on the interaction points of collaboration, research and reflection this program has worthwhile prompts to engage in deliberate reflection, post-lesson, and share that with colleagues locally and with other school practitioners to develop impact awareness and expertise - all underpinned by the major questions of evaluative thinking.

Merely implementing teaching strategies, having great classroom control, and writing lesson plans is not enough --  it is developing the
skills of evaluative thinking that matters most, and 'hearing' this thinking by mentors, by the new teacher, and by the students is what is the core of success.  We want our new teachers to develop this thinking, think aloud with colleagues, work as clinicians and interventionist practitioners to improve student learning and to know their impact in powerful ways. 

The building evidence of the impact of
this program is impressive and I am following it with high interest."

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Your value for money, 

our guarantee

Believe it or not, it only takes 3% usage to begin to make a change across your institution, if you get the right people looking at, and acting on, the right stuff.


However, if you feel that the system isn't being used enough or not providing the vision execution you were looking for, no worries! We give you your payment back in the form of qualifications for your staff. HLTA, AET, QTS; whatever it may be, you'll never lose out with Guide.

Supporting documents

The following documents will give you a greater understanding of how Guide approach supporting you, setting up content with you, and information on all our courses. Also find instructional samples so you know more about how we may work together.

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Sample course videos

Sadly, when we have given out free trials to the system, some users downloaded all of our audio and transcribed content. To ensure against, and protect, our IP we only offer samples before we've engaged with you fully.


Please see our sample page to view a variety of our high quality, expert-created animations.

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Courses & qualifications 

Guide resources were built because our founder, a former Headteacher, wanted to train his staff in all they needed, all year round. However, lack of quality providers, prohibitive costs, and general realities of teacher training stopped him from doing so. He didn't think it was 'fair' that people had to pay £36,000 for the right to make a difference in children's lives.


So the course material is part of his and Guide's mission to help anyone get the best start possible in making a better world for, and through, our children. Click to see a list of all our courses and qualifications.

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The video here shows feedback and comments from 5 different types of Guide user; Headteachers, teaching candidates, middle leaders, academics and teaching assistants.

You can also see more testimonials and case studies by clicking below.

User feedback & case studies for 

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