3 ways we create better professionals

Our qualifications, mentoring and accreditations explained

We believe if teachers can perform better in class, having viewed and absorbed the material in a course, this suffices.


The impact should be that they will offer stronger practice supported by an evidence record of completed tasks and reflection.

We offer AET L3, HLTA L4, DET L5, QTS, EYFS L3, AVA L3 & IQA L4

The knowledge contained in a course is more important than the certificate at the end. 

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Route 1

Independent external mentor & accreditation

The most typical way to access teaching qualifications. The full fee is paid up-front and a Guide mentor is allocated as support throughout the entire course. When complete the mentor prepares the relevant work into a portfolio that is sent for external assessment by the awarding body or university.

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Route 2

No external mentor, no accreditation

If a school is subscribed to our full package anyone can access the learning materials for any qualification. The course can be completed with the support of an in-school mentor, or without one, but there is no external mentoring. Some trainee teachers require guidance, others choose to self-develop. 

When finished, the learner simply moves on with their newly acquired knowledge but without certificates. 

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Route 3

No external mentor, optional accreditation

The same as route 2, but subscribing schools can take advantage of their access to the qualification course materials included in their package by only paying for the external accreditation. Approximately 50% of the route 1 qualification fee, saving costs and and spreading training budgets across more teachers.

Once the course is completed and a school-based mentor has reviewed it they can send the portfolio for certification to the relevant awarding body or university.